Graphic of Nordic pattern in background, showing white graphic mitten with headline "Companion Crafts for The Mitten"

Companion Crafts for “The Mitten”

Create mitten crafts to accompany your reading of “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. A pipe cleaner + bead mitten project is perfect for younger children, while a woven yarn mitten project is perfect for older kids.

Customize Your Christmas Ornaments

Fun Ways to Customize Your Christmas Ornaments

If you have transparent Christmas balls, you can personalize them in endless ways! Here are a few great ideas on how your kids can create their own ornaments to make your tree extra special this Christmas.

Coffee Filter Leaves with a Twist of Hope for the New Year

Coffee filters are for more than beverages! Food coloring + an eye dropper help create these pretty fall leaf crafts. Hopes for the New Year help these become a meaningful fall decoration.