Enjoy the Winter Tress! Outdoor Activities for Colder Months

Depending on where you live, winter is probably not the time when you think about taking your kids outside for nature walks, but I’ve found that sunny winter days are some of the best times to get outside!

10 Toddler Learning Center Boxes

10 Toddler Learning Center Boxes – Perfect for At-Home Learning

Prep 10 activities in advance to rotate for your toddler. This helps you create or supplement at-home preschool (or just gives you a bit more time for YOUR work day).

Everything You Need to Quickly Create 10 Learning Center Boxes – For Your Early-Elementary Learner

This will help you create educational activities to fill the gaps in virtual school days. Prep 10 activities in advance to rotate in day-to-day, and give yourself more time to focus on your own work during the weekdays!

Toddler Meditation in a Bottle: Quick + Simple Sensory Bottle

Sometimes your toddler needs to take a minute and calm down. Create this quick + easy sensory bottle that can be used in these over-stimulated moments.