Graphic of Nordic pattern in background, showing white graphic mitten with headline "Companion Crafts for The Mitten"

Companion Crafts for “The Mitten”

Create mitten crafts to accompany your reading of “The Mitten” by Jan Brett. A pipe cleaner + bead mitten project is perfect for younger children, while a woven yarn mitten project is perfect for older kids.

Background of painted fireworks pattern with glitter, title box reading" Sparkling Fireworks Thanks You Cards"

Sparkling Fireworks Thank You Cards

Upcycle all of those toilet paper tubes in your house to paint this festive fireworks print with your kids. Cut down the paper to turn them into thank you cards for holiday gifts!

Enjoy the Winter Tress! Outdoor Activities for Colder Months

Depending on where you live, winter is probably not the time when you think about taking your kids outside for nature walks, but I’ve found that sunny winter days are some of the best times to get outside!