Hi, I’m Morgan:

I’m a mom of two small boys, owner of two small businesses, curator of experiences, a fierce supporter of moms, and the Chief Experience Officer for Something Designs. For over 15 years, I have been an event producer, and my mission is to bring my flair for schedules, organization and logistics to you to make it incredibly easy for you to give your kids something to do.

Something Creative is not just me, it’s a family affair. We have a team of educators, artists and moms (who all happen to be in my family!). This all started with my grandfather, who was not only a doctor, but an artist and a playwright. The joke around my house growing up was that if you stood still long enough, my mother would paint you.

Here is the run down on my family who helps to inspire everything you see on Something Creative:

  • My mom is an early childhood educator, an artist/ art teacher, and a special needs educator.
  • My aunts are also artists, ceramicists, actors and educators.
  • My father is an architect & a landscape architect.
  • My sister is an early childhood education specialist.

(Whew! – reading all of that is intimidating for me, when I realize that I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler.) But this is why it is my mission to show you that anyone can give their kids the joy of creating something. Even Type A planner like me who hate the idea of finger paint getting on my rug…

Our mission is to make it simple for you to say yes, to not stress about the mess, and just smile while they experience something new! (If I can do it, so can you!)

Meet some of our contributors:


Amy graduated with a BFA, studying studio arts, ceramics, and special education. She utilizes her studio arts and clay background to design and implement creative curriculum as a teacher of special needs students. She currently continues this work as the Supervisor for TOPS, a JFCS day program for adults with cognitive and physical disabilities, with the development of a ceramic department within the program.


Bonnie has a BA in Art, and is certified in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. She has been an educator for over 25 years, working with multiply-handicapped and autistic children from preschool to young adults. She has developed + taught in-school special needs art programs, as well as private art classes for elementary-age children.


Nicole has spent the last 20 years teaching audiences of all ages about the environment and sustainability, and how their actions can impact the world around us. She got her start in environmental education on a whim working for a zoo in college. She had no idea that a college job would lead to joining the Peace Corps, running camps for a nature center, developing education programs for an international development agency, working at a university, and now, leading environmental education programs for a water utility. She is a firm believer that experiences in nature helps children learn critical thinking skills + gain confidence.

About Something Designs:

Something Designs’ mission is to simplify joy. Moms don’t need more work – we empower you with easy ideas, curated experiences, and organization products that let you say YES! We are here to eliminate the hassle + time of figuring out how to give the kids something to do.