Fork Painting: Polar Bear

  • Things you may have already:
    • Small pieces of paper – white, black + grey
    • (Optional) Grey crayon – if you don’t have grey paper
    • Sturdy plastic fork
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick
    • Black marker

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Ideal Age Range:


Mess Factor:

Medium – High (it’s paint)

Prep Time:

5 – print the template and gather your supplies

This is a super simple technique for painting that works well with preschool and older children. The template helps the finished product look adorable no matter what!

If you don’t have any small pieces of grey paper, you can simply print the bear’s muzzle on white paper and use a grey crayon to color it.

Active Instructions:

  1. Pour some white paint in the middle of the blue paper and use the fork to spread the paint, going from the middle towards the edges, to make the furry head shape of the Polar Bear.
  1. Cut out two white ears, and two smaller grey ears, large grey snout, one black nose, and two black eyes, and glue onto the Polar Bear’s head.
  2. Use a black marker to make the bear’s mouth.


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