Love Bug Name Practice

  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • Marker

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Ideal Age Range:

4 – 6 (you can adapt this for younger kids)

Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

10 – 15 minutes – for younger kids (or if you are using the thicker felt), pre cut the heart shapes and antenna.

I love to match a little bit of reading and writing with a craft project. Even if you choose not to have your child write their letters, these little Love Bugs make cute Valentine’s Day decorations!

If you have heart paper punches, the prep for this project becomes a lot easier. Depending on the size of your punches, you can do the small antenna or head hearts or even the larger body hearts all with a punch. If you have these on hand, your kids can likely help you prep the paper.

No worries if you don’t, I free cut these hearts from construction paper and felt. It doesn’t matter if they are slightly different shapes.

I like to alternate colors for the body based on the amount of letters in the name . But you can choose whatever colors you like.

See some thoughts on a few alternate versions at the end of this post. (You can also check out a similar project that we created for Thanksgiving: Name Practice Turkeys.

Active Instructions:

  1. Have your child select the number of hearts they need to make their name and lay out the pattern they want on a large piece of construction paper.
  2. Once you have the pattern you like, have kids put glue on the back side of the hearts and pat them into place.
    • I like varying the height of the hearts a bit on the body, but you don’t have to.
    • Make sure to space the hearts so that you have enough space to write your letters.
  1. Repeat gluing each heart for the body until you have enough.
  2. Choose a slightly smaller heart shape and glue it at a slight angle (as pictured) on the left side of the paper to form the head.
  1. Add two skinny rectangles in a different color paper (about 1″ – 1.5″ long) for the antenna. Tuck the ends slightly under the heart that makes the head (do this before it dries).
  2. Add two tiny hearts to the ends of the antenna.
  1. Add two googly eyes onto the face. (Even if they are self-stick, you may want to add some glue.)
  2. Draw the rest of the face and legs using a marker. I drew a heart nose and smile as well as legs on the two hearts that sit lower on the paper.
  3. Write the letters of your name on the Love Bug body, one letter per heart. You can decide whether you want to do all capital letters or upper and lower case.

A simple and fun project that you can do before Valentine’s Day! Feel free to switch up the colors or to add sequins, glitter or jewels to dress up your Love Bugs.

My favorite place to display these is on bedroom doors. Even if your child loses interest half way through the project, you can finish and create some fun decor to mark their bedroom.

Alternate Methods

Letter Search

If your child is too young to cut or write letters, you can create a letter search to work on letter recognition. Cut out a few extra hearts. Write each of the letters of their name onto a heart and then add in some extras. Mix them up on the table and ask your child to find the letters that spell their name.

Self-Stick Felt

If you are working with younger children (12 – 2) or if you really just prefer not to break out the glue you can use this method. Simple follow the instructions above but cut your hearts from self-stick felt. You won’t be able to use the paper punches, but you can free-cut the hearts. Your child should be able to peel the paper off of the back of the hearts and stick them in place.

The marker doesn’t work as well on the felt. If you are looking for a picture perfect finish, use a fine tip black paint bottle to make the face, legs and letters. If you are just looking to have fun, use the marker and it will be fine!

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