Groundhog Puppets

  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Markers, crayons or colored pencils
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • (Optional) Pencil – can be used instead of a popsicle stick

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Ideal Age Range:

2+ – Modify for younger kids to just have them help color and glue

Mess Factor:

Low – Medium

Prep Time:

10 – 15 minutes. Print out templates before you start (find at the end of the post). If you have younger kids, pre-cut templates and green construction paper strip before getting started.

Groundhog Day is a “holiday” that can sometimes go unnoticed in our house because of the chaotic day-to-day routine. This fun (and cute!) puppet project helps to bring the spirit of the day to life.

Make your puppet and then watch Punxsutawney Phil on February 2nd. Or use your puppet to reinforce some of the stories below.

How to Watch Punxsutawney Phil:

Groundhog Day Books:

Active Instructions

  1. Print out template(s) of groundhog and (optional: ‘groundhog day logo’ to put on cup) – there are 4 to a page so you can make several at a time and different sized logos depending on the size of your cup. (Find printables at the end of this post.)
  2. Color each template and cut out (adult supervision will be needed if you want to cut the shape of the groundhog as pictured – you can also draw a small circle around the ground hog and just have your kids cut out the circle with the ground hog in the middle (make sure it’s the appropriate size for the cup).
  3. Cut a strip of green construction paper approximately 2” wide (or have it prepared and ready to go for younger kids).
  4. Measure the strip to fit on the inside of the cup and cut to size.
  1. Cut small ‘slits’ into the paper for ‘grass’ – slits can be any width – nothing perfect needed! Cut slits for the entire length.
    • This is a good part of the activity to practice scissor cutting skills – you can draw lines on the green paper for your kids to follow.
  2. Glue into cup as pictured.
  1. You can glue the logo on the cup as well or just color the cup!
  2. Cut a slit on the bottom of the cup to place popsicle stick – ( adults only for this part!)
  3. Slide popsicle stick into cup and put a small amount of glue on the top tip to place groundhog – groundhog should only be glued between the feet and about a ½” onto the paper – let dry and VOILA!! Your ground hog is ready to come out of it’s burrow and hopefully NOT see his shadow so that spring will arrive shortly!

Now your groundhog puppets are ready to play with. Are you hoping for shadow or no shadow?


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