Paper Plate Love Birds

  • Things you may have already:
    • White paper – background
    • Scissors
    • Glue
    • (Optional) Brush

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Ideal Age Range:


Mess Factor:

Low – Medium

Prep Time:

5 minutes – gather and organize your supplies. If you are working with younger children, you may want to pre-cut the bird shape before you begin. Depending on your child’s cutting skills, you may also want to pre-cut the bird feet, beak, wings and tail.

Active Instructions:

  1. Paint the white plates any valentine color that you chose.
  2. Using the template (below) and an extra paper plate, trace the bird shape onto the paper plates and cut it out.
    • Provide pre cut shapes for younger children.

  1. Using brown paper, cut two strips for the branches. One should reach almost to the end of the white paper background, and the second one should be shorter.
  2. Cut leaf shapes, birds’ feet, beaks, wings and tail.
    • Have these shapes pre cut for younger children.
  3. Glue branch strips onto the white paper as shown in the sample.
  4. Glue bird bodies onto the branches. It’s ok if they hang over the paper edges a bit.
  1. Glue the leaves onto the branches.
  2. Glue on birds’ feet, beaks, and contrasting colored heart shaped wings and tails.
  3. (Optional) Add other decorations onto the birds and the background.  (As shown in the sample, I used red rhinestones and paper hearts.)


Print out the template below to help your cut out the bird’s body, wing, tail, beak and eye.

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