Tissue Paper Hearts

  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Scissors
    • Masking or painters tape

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Ideal Age Range:

18 months+

Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

About 10 -15 minutes. This activity is more prep than active time. The age of your child will determine how much you need to prep in advance.

Young Kids – cut out all of the heart frames (read below) before you begin, cut tissue paper into small pieces, tape the contact paper in place to help stabilize.

Older Kids – cut tissue paper into small pieces before you begin. If your kids are good with scissors or need cutting practice, let them cut their own hearts. You will have to help them prep the contact paper and put it in place, but they will be able to help you. Read the directions below.

Finished hearts before we hung them

For this project I used a large piece of red construction paper to make my heart frames. I cut the largest size heart that would fit the paper + contact paper and then continues to cut several smaller hearts out of the same piece of paper.

It is entirely up to you whether you want to do multiple sizes, the same sizes, large, small. Whatever you decide you can customize for this project. (You can even do other shapes and it will still look like a Valentine decoration because of the colors.)

For any age child, cut a piece of contact paper to size. Have a few pieces of masking or painters tape ready, remove the backing and place the contact paper sticky-side up in your work area. Tape it down in a few places to keep it from moving.

Older kids can cut their own shape out to make the frame. They can also cut the tissue paper into small squares. (I like using the 4″ square pieces of tissue paper, so it makes prepping these little pieces really quick!) For kids that aren’t handy with scissor skills yet, you can prep these ahead of time.

Active Instructions:

  1. Cut a heart shape out of your construction paper.
    • I used 12″ x 18″ construction paper, folded in half and then cut half of a heart shape out of that piece of paper (as large as fit). The create in the middle doesn’t matter, since you are cutting out the middle to make a frame.
  2. Poke a hole in your construction paper and cut out your shape, creating a 1/2″ – 3/4″ frame. Older kids who were able to do all of the cutting up to this point may need help with this step or getting it started.
  3. Cut a piece of contact paper to fit the size heart you make. Contact paper should be larger than the heart so that you can press the heart frame onto the paper.
Cut a heart shape out of your paper and then cut out the middle to create a frame

Cut a piece of contact paper to fit the heart size

  1. Remove the backing on the contact paper and place it sticky side up. Press the heart frame onto the sticky side. Use a few pieces of masking or painters tape in the corners to secure it in place on your table.
Press your heart frame onto the contact paper
  1. Repeat the steps above with the remaining construction paper. You can create smaller heart shapes from the same piece of paper or create more large hearts.
  2. Once your frames are ready, let your children fill the hearts with the tissue paper squares. Ideally kids will have a single layer of tissue paper, spreading the colors out evenly. But let them have fun!
    • If multiple layers of tissue end up in one spot you can fix it later before you display.
    • Don’t worry if tissue paper ends up outside of the heart frame, you will be trimming it before you are done.

  1. When your shape is full, cut out the shape along the outer edge of the construction paper frame.
  2. Once your shape is cut out, you can use a few additional pieces of scotch tape to secure it to the window.
Finished hearts before we cut them out

Hanging in the window

We did not use sequins or other decorative trinkets for this project. If you have jewels or other Valentine’s Day things that you want to add, you can glue them onto the frame once you cut out the heart shapes. Let it dry completely before putting it up on the window.

You can take a look at a previous holiday project we did for Hanukkah that used sequins: Hanukkah Sun Catchers.

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