Valentine Spray Paint Designs

  • Things you may have already:
    • White paper – construction or heavier
    • Cardstock or heavier paper – to cut out other hearts
    • Tape

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Ideal Age Range:


Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

10 minutes – Before starting the project, prepare the spray bottles. Pour very small amounts of paint into each bottle and add about 1-2 ounces of water. Shake to mix and then test the sprayer on scrap paper.

Active Instructions:

  1. Place the doilies and heart shapes on the white paper. Use 3 or 4 doilies held together for extra thickness which will help absorb the paint. Note in the photo that some heart shapes can be placed off the edges of the white paper for an interesting design effect. You may want to use small pieces of balled up scotch tape to help hold some of the hearts in place.
  2. Lightly spray one color at a time over the hearts. Less is More….because the wet paint spray may bleed slightly if sprayed too heavily.
    • Since the heart design is sprayed fairly quickly, have scrap paper available to allow for more spraying fun and experimentation!

  1. Allow a few minutes to dry and then carefully remove the heart shapes.
  2. The finished design can be matted as a keepsake or can be used to make Valentine cards.

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