Evergreens in the Snow

  • Things you may have already:
    • Pencil or marker
    • (Optional) Cardboard – if you don’t have black paper

  • Things to buy:
    • Black paper – see note about paper below
    • Paint – white, brown, green (optional: black) – this link is for washable paint, but you can use what you have
    • Brush – this is a kids set with easy grips
    • (Optional) Glitter – extra fine

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Ideal Age Range:


Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

5 min – gather materials to get ready. Prep your background: I prefer larger paper for this activity to allow for more of a painting surface. The sample shown is 18 x 7 ½ inches. Whichever size you decide to use, cut the width of the paper to approximately 6-8 inches. If you do not have a larger piece of black paper, cut a piece of cardboard from one of your leftover holiday boxes, and have your child paint it black before beginning the project.

We are using paint so you should cover your table and have a smock or old shirt ready for your child. If you are using glitter, you may also want to use a splat mat or floor covering to help with clean up.

Active Instructions:

  1. (Optional) If you are using cardboard, paint it black and allow it to dry.
  2. Using white paint for the snow, cover about ¼ of the bottom of the paper.
  3. Sprinkle the white snow with glitter while it is still wet.
  4. To make the tree, put 3 dots (using a light colored pencil or marker), in the shape of a triangle, as shown in the photo.
Paint the snow at the bottom and sprinkle with glitter while wet

Mark the corners of the tree

  1. Using the green paint, have your child “connect“ the dots to draw the triangle shape of the tree and then fill in the triangle shape with the green paint.
    • You can help your younger child, hand over hand, to connect the dots to make the tree shape. Note that the tree is not a perfect triangle, which is how trees grow in nature. This is your child’s art project, so allow them to attempt the triangle shape independently.
“Connect” the dots with green paint
Fill in the triangle shape
  1. Wait for the green paint to dry before adding the trunk and the snowflakes.
    • You can have some scrap paper available to have more fun painting while they wait for the tree to dry.
  2. Use the brown paint to make the trunk, extending it partially up into the green tree.
  3. Use a small brush to dab snowflakes all over the paper and the tree. Sprinkle with glitter while still wet.
Paint the trunk
Dab snowflakes with a small brush and add glitter

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