Sparkling Fireworks Thank You Cards

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  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Paper plates – you will need one plate per paint color
    • Cardboard toilet paper tubes – you will need one tube per paint color
    • Scissors

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Ideal Age Range:

Ideal for 2 – 8

Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

About 15 minutes – if you have younger children or limited time do step #1 below before you start the project with your kids. For all kids, I recommend preparing one paper plate per paint color, put a good amount of paint on each plate, keeping in mind that you need the paint to be wide enough to dip the entire cardboard “firework” in it.

I like using a large roll of crat paper. I recommend covering your entire tabletop with it. It will be much more than you need, but it will give the kids lots of area to work with. If you choose to use construction paper, try to use a heavier variety that will stand up to the paint. I suggest using several pieces and taping them on top of your table to give your kids a large work area.

This involves paint and glitter, so I highly recommend covering your table, putting a splat mat on the floor, and putting your kids in a smock or old shirt. If you have the option of doing this project outside it may be better with the glitter.

After the crush of the holidays I was looking for a way for my kids to recognize all of the gifts that they received. Since we were not together with family this year, they weren’t able to say thank you in person for the gifts and it felt a little flat to me.

I also feel like I used WAY more wrapping paper this year – so much more than I have ever used before. So I had several pieces of heavy brown craft paper from finished wrapping paper rolls. This paper combines with the millions of toilet paper tubes we’ve collected during the pandemic led me to create this project.

Older kids will be great at dipping the cardboard fireworks patterns and creating a pleasing design. Younger kids will likely just make a mess. Both ways create pretty patterns that you can cut into cards.

In the end, this activity is about having fun and making a little mess, and the lesson of teaching kids to show gratitude for what they are given. (Don’t get too hung up on making the cards look perfect.)

Active Instructions:

  1. Prepare one cardboard toilet paper tube per color of paint that you want to use. Taking your scissors cut evenly-spaced strips into one of the tube ends. Strips should be about 1/8″ – 1/4″ apart and should be 1/2″ – 1.5″ long.
    • I cut tubes in a variety of lengths so that the fireworks were different sizes on the paper.
    • Older kids may be able to do this cutting, but you will need to prepare this in advance for younger kids.
    • If you have more than 2 kids doing this project at one time, make several fireworks per color.
  1. If you haven’t prepped your painting area already, cover your table in your chosen paper and arrange your paint colors. Each firework stamp will be used with one color, so distribute the tubes between all of your chosen colors.
    • Remember that you need the paint that the kids are dipping in to be wide enough to cover the entire firework stamp.
    • Keep the bottles of paint on hand to refill colors when needed.
  2. Let the kids dip the cardboard fireworks stamps into the paint colors and then press them onto the paper. They should be able to get several stamps before they need to re-dip.
    • Repeat with as many colors as you wish – don’t worry about coloring mixing a little bit.
    • I also added a few pouncer brushes for my toddler (the circles you see on our finished pattern below)
  1. Using a shakable top glitter (any color), sprinkle some extra sparkle onto your fireworks.
    • Younger kids are going to make a mess with this – but they have SO much fun doing it. Be prepared to fold the paper up (in a taco shape) and dump the excess glitter.
  2. Let the paper dry for a few hours or overnight.
  1. Once dry, cut your paper down into thank you card shapes. (Be careful where you do this, as some of the glitter will fall off during cutting.)
  2. Have your kids write thank you notes to give to friends + family!

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