Indoor Snowball Fight

  • Things to buy:
    • Large White Pompoms – this still is meant to be on hats or shoes and they are a great weight for throwing
    • (Optional) Red Bucket – you can use any container you have, preferably with handles
    • (Optional) Sticker Paper – to create labels for the buckets

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Ideal Age Range:

This is great for any age that can throw!

Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

< 5 minutes (<15 minutes if you print the labels)

My toddler really doesn’t like any activities unless they involve throwing things. I wanted to prep a few fun things to have ready for the vastness that exists between Christmas and New Year’s Eve (the novelty of toys always wears off quickly).

Enter: the indoor snowball fight!

This activity takes no real work from you, simply buy the supplies above and you are ready. A few simple instructions below if you want to go the extra mile.

Print this label below to personalize your buckets

Prep Instructions:

  1. Order the supplies above
    • Plan on one bucket per child
    • One pack of pompoms listed above will work for two children (filling about half the bucket). If you have more little ones, up the order.
  2. Unpack your buckets (or clean out whatever containers you are using to hold the pompoms.
    • Something light with handles will make it easier for the kids to run around.
  3. (Optional) If you want to personalize the buckets, download the labels below, print on sticker paper, cut out and apply to the red buckets.
  4. Fill your buckets with pompoms.
  5. Let your kids run wild!

These pompoms are a great weight for a “snowball” fight because they are a bit heavier than standard pompoms. That being said, you may want to define boundaries for the fight if you have kids with good arms. These won’t break any windows, but they might knock a picture frame off of the shelf.

If you are fortunate enough to live in a temperate climate like us, I highly recommend keeping this as an indoor activity. These pompoms will get dirty very fast and there is really no great way of saving them.


You can print these “Let’s Have a Snowball Fight” graphics onto sticker paper. Simply cut out and place on your buckets.

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