Holiday Trees in the Snow

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  • Things you may have already:
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick
    • (Optional) Liquid glue

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Ideal Age Range:


Mess Factor:

Medium – High (glitter!)

Prep Time:

5 min – for younger children, you may want to pre-cut trees and prepare paint colors on a plate before you begin

This is a version of this project that my (now 6-year-old) made when he was about 20 months!

This is a great project that you can frame and keep for years (as you see from the nearly 6 year old project above). It is also a great way to practice cutting techniques, shapes (triangles for trees), and motor skills while using the different brushes and glitter.

Since this involves paint, glue and glitter, definitely cover your workspace and the floor below it. Your child should wear a smock or clothes you don’t mind getting messy.

Speaking of glitter – the glitter we linked to above is fine glitter. We recommend that you use fine white glitter for the snow, but you can use larger glitter sizes for the other pieces of the project.

Active Instructions:

  1. Spread blue paint on the white paper, using whichever paint brand that you prefer. Craft and tempera paint can be slightly watered down to help make the coverage easier on the paper.
    • HELPFUL TIP: Tape down the edges of the paper to help it dry flat. If your child enjoys the painting process, while the blue paper is drying, have extra pieces of paper available to continue painting, just for fun!
  2. Using the green paper, trace and cut the triangle shapes. You can print out the templates at the end of this post, or make your own. If you are using a larger piece of white paper, you will need bigger triangles.
    • Precut the triangle shapes for younger children. Older children can practice tracing and cutting. If they are still learning to cut, the shapes may not be perfect, but that is part of the charm of the finished artwork!
Create a blue sky for your background

Prepare your triangle tree shapes – cut to fit your white paper

  1. Glitter the trees with whatever color you chose. (Save the white glitter for the snow.)
  2. When the blue painted paper is dry, glue on the tree shapes. You can have a fun lesson with the tree sizes; small, medium, large, skinny, fat….
    • Allow your child to place the trees wherever they want on the paper, whether they choose to line them up, or overlap them, or glue them on crooked!
Sprinkle glitter on your trees before gluing

Glue your trees to the paper to create your forest

  1. Use the white paint to add the snow. Your child can use a “pouncer” brush (round foam brush), or their finger tips to dab on the snowflakes.
    • This is a time when it is OK to supervise to prevent the entire paper from being covered with white dabs.
    • Have extra paper available if they want to continue having fun “ making snow” on another piece of paper.
    • HELPFUL TIP: I use some liquid glue mixed in with the white paint to help the glitter adhere
  2. (Optional) Add white glitter to make the snow sparkle
    • As I mentioned above, fine white glitter works best
  3. (Optional) Add a star sticker at the top of each tree.
    • If you don’t have star stickers, you can also cut stars out of paper and glue them on.

  1. Use red paper to make a mat for the finished picture. If you do not have a larger piece of paper to mat the finished artwork, you can slightly trim the edges of the picture to fit onto the standard 9×12 piece of paper.


You can cut your own triangles or use this template

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