Sequin Christmas Balls

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  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Lids (or anything else to use as a circle template)
    • Black marker – fine tip
    • Pencil
    • Rule (or straight edge)

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Ideal Age Range:

Ideal for 3+

Mess Factor:

Low – Medium

Prep Time:

< 5 minutes – gather materials together.

I love this project because it is an easy way to embrace the holiday spirit. You get a little bit of glitz from the sequins, without a commitment to a major art project.

Pick a single Christmas ball design, or put multiple smaller ones on the page (you can even spell our your child’s name). This can simple be a decoration for a bedroom door, or it can be the front of a DIY greeting card.

Whatever you choose, this is a fun and easy project for Christmas.

Active Instructions:

  1. Trace circle template in the middle of the paper.
    • You can make one per page or try two or three circles arranged on one piece of paper. Smaller circles may be easier for younger children to fill with sequins.
  2. Squeeze or paint a very generous amount of glue onto the circle. A “ puddle” of glue will allow the sequins to adhere more efficiently. Use the brush to spread evenly around the circle.
    • If you are using a larger circle, apply the glue to one small area at a time and then add sequins before filling in the entire circle, so the glue doesn’t dry before your child can cover the whole surface of the circle.
  1. SPRINKLING a fingerful of sequins is less tedious then applying one sequin at time. Try to encourage your child not to touch the glue as they sprinkle, or the sequins will stick to their fingers and may frustrate them.
    • Have a wipe or paper towel available to wipe sticky fingers as your child proceeds.
  2. Allow the glue to dry.
  3. Using the fine point marker, draw the top of the Christmas ball (half a rectangle shape) and then use the ruler or straight edge to draw a line from the middle of the rectangle shape to the top of the paper.
    • TIP: Draw the top of the ball and the line with pencil first and have your child trace the pencil lines. Or guide your child hand over hand. This is good practice for an older child to learn to use a straight edge.
  1. (Optional) Punch a hole at the top and tie a piece of ribbon.

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