Painted Glitter Pine Cones

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  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Pine cones
    • Glue
    • Ribbon/ Yarn/ Wire – to use instead of pipe cleaners to hang pine cones
  • Things to buy: Schedule a reminder 1 week before you want to do this activity to buy supplies
    • Pine cones – if you don’t have them near you
    • Paint – white or any color you prefer (this is a good starter set)
    • Glitter – this is multi-colored but gold or silver works well too
    • Brushes – this set has a good variety so you have options based on what pine cone you get
    • Pipe Cleaners – metallic pipe cleaners add a festive air to the project

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Ideal Age Range:

Ideal for 3+

Mess Factor:

Medium – High

Prep Time:

< 5 minutes + time to gather your pine cones. Gather your materials on top of a table cover or inside a lined baking tray. (For younger kids: keep glitter out of reach until you are ready.)

This is a great project to pair with a winter nature walk. Hopefully you are lucky enough to live in an area that has pine trees, and you can gather them off the ground. Look for pine cones that are full and open. You can also order pines cones from the link above or find them in your local craft store.

This is a fun activity to do together as a family. Based on the ages of your children you will get a variety of finished projects. You can join in the fun and create some decorations to mix into winter vignettes in your holiday décor. Allow each family member to choose their own color and then you can showcase everyone’s work together!

Active Instructions:

  1. Paint your pine cones. Try to spread paint on the outside and inside of the pine cone seeds. It is difficult to cover the entire pine cone, but allowing the natural color to show will be part of the charm of the finished product.
  2. Allow the paint to dry and then spread glue onto the pine cone with another brush, or squeeze the glue directly on.
Step 1 – paint your pine cones
Step 2 – spread glue on your pine cones
  1. Sprinkle glitter in the color of your choice onto the wet glue. (Place the pine cone onto a paper plate or piece of paper to catch the glitter, and then you can pour the excess glitter back into the bottle.)
  2. Attach a pipe cleaner (or whatever you chose) to use as a hanger for the pine cone. Or if you have several pine cones, they can be put into a basket to display throughout the holiday season.
Step 3 – sprinkle with glitter

Step 4 – attach your hanger

TIP – You can spray the glittered pine cones with hairspray or any other fixative to keep the glitter from rubbing off.

If you want to make these as gifts, they are an easy way to spread holiday cheer. Tie a small note to the pine cone, wrap them in tissue paper, and put them into a holiday bag to give as gifts!

Gather your finished pine cones in a basket

Hang your finished pine cones on your tree

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