Clay Turkey

  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Glue
    • Pencil – or other tool to make holes
  • Things to buy: Schedule a reminder 1 week before you want to do this activity to buy supplies (most the items below are optional)

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Ideal Age Range:

3 – 8, though younger kinds may need a bit more help

Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

< 5 minutes – if you have a younger child, prepare the clay you need in advance and knead it a bit so that it is easier for them to work with.

This is a fun turkey project that you can use as decoration on your Thanksgiving table. Put a few into your centerpiece or use them as place cards. If you will be setting a separate kids table – make a few of these as a cute centerpiece.

If your kids are a little older and you would like to add painting to this project, you can follow all of these directions using white clay, bake it and then have your kids paint the turkey appropriately.

Active Instructions:

  1. Prepare and soften the amount needed of each Sculpey clay color by kneading it with your hands and fingers (assistance may be needed for smaller hands and fingers) As pictured: the largest brown piece is for the turkey base, next brown size is for the head and much smaller pieces are needed for the yellow beak and the red wattle.
  2. Roll largest brown piece into a round ball to create the main body of the turkey. (does not have to be perfect!)
  3. Roll the smaller brown piece into a ball for the turkey’s head – place onto the turkey body as pictured.
Step 1 – prepare each size + color of clay

Steps 2 + 3 – use the brown clay to make the turkey body

  1. Use a very small yellow piece to form into the shape of the beak (small triangle) and place on the turkey’s face as pictured.
  2. Use as very small red piece and roll a coil or ‘worm’ to  place over and next to the beak for the wattle as pictured.
Steps 4 + 5 – add the beak and wattle
  1. Use a pencil to make 4-6 holes on the back end of the turkey body – the holes should be big enough to glue the tips of the feathers into.
  2. Bake Turkey per Sculpey clay package instructions (WITHOUT the feathers!)

  1. (If using all white clay – paint after it has cooled and then continue to follow step below after the paint has dried.)
  2. When cool – glue the feathers into the holes to create the turkey tail (use scissors to pre-cut feathers as needed)
  3. Glue ‘Googly’ eyes onto turkey face

You are finished your first Sculpey Clay turkey! Make a few more to decorate the Thanksgiving table!

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