Turkey Handprint Potholders

  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Tray
    • Foil
    • Paper plate
    • Plastic container

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Ideal Age Range:

Any age – for younger children, it is best to have another adult help you!

Mess Factor:

Medium – High

Prep Time:

< 5 minutes. For older kids, simply squirt each color paint onto a paper plate before you get started. For younger kids, I recommend lining a baking tray with foil, place the potholder in the tray. Also, have additional paint, brushes and paper for them to play with after you make the turkey.

Our finished turkey prints!

This is a quick and easy keepsake craft. It is a great memento for you to keep or something you can give to Grandma. If you are in need of a hostess gift for a family member this Thanksgiving, these work very well!

As I mentioned above in the prep instructions, if you are doing this project with a toddler, I recommend having additional paper, paint and brushes for them to play with. Making this turkey takes finesse, so an adult will need to brush on the paint and place their hand. If your kids are like mine, that won’t be enough mess for them! So have additional stuff for them to paint as you move on and help older kids!

Active Instructions:

  1. Have your child hold their hand open wide. Paint their thumb and palm in brown paint.
  2. Paint each finger a different color to create the feathers.
    • If you have a heavier fabric potholder (like our terry cloth one pictured) use a thick layer of paint and make sure to press your child’s hand down hard.

  1. Press their hand down onto the potholder, positioning the thumb so it is pointing slightly up (this will be the head of the turkey). Carefully remove your hand.
  2. If there are spots that need to be filled in, you can use a small brush to touch up the paint. Use a small brush to add a dot of red to the head area to create a wattle.
  3. Let the paint dry overnight.

  1. Once the turkey is dry, use your fine tip black marker to draw in an eye and legs.
    • You may also want to write “Happy Thanksgiving” and your child’s name and the year somewhere on the potholder.
My son insisted on this pose

As I mentioned above, this is a little trickier with little ones. My son doesn’t like to stretch his hand out, but we did manage to do this project without another adult. He also used an extra potholder to paint on his own.

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