Finger Print Turkey

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  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Pencil
    • Wipes – to clean little fingers between colors
  • Things to buy: Schedule a reminder 1 week before you want to do this activity to buy supplies
    • White paper
    • Paint – we used brown, orange, red, green but you can change up the colors of your feathers
    • Fine point markers
    • (Optional) Google eyes
    • (Optional) Colorful paper – to make a frame

Feel free to make the turkey “feathers” whatever color you want!

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Ideal Age Range:

This project is great for preschool age and above.

Mess Factor:

Low – Medium. Paint can always be messy, but you should be able to contain this!

Prep Time:

5 minutes

Active Instructions:

  1. Draw a light pencil line on the white paper to help guide where the fingerprints for the feathers should be made.
  2. Have your child dip one finger into a small amount of paint and dab onto the pencil line. One finger dip should be enough to make a few feathers before having to dip into the paint again.
    • TIP: Have your child practice making fingerprints on a scrap piece of paper before making the turkey feather fingerprints. Encourage placing the finger flat onto the paper to make a larger “feather” mark, rather than just using the tips of the finger.
    • Wipe their finger before using the next color.
Step 1 – draw a light guide for each arch of “feathers”

Step 2 – create your first row of feathers
  1. Choose the next color and place the fingerprints below the first feathers, overlapping slightly, while following the arch of the feathers.
  2. Make the last row of feathers. (Note that each row of feathers has slightly less fingerprints.)
  3. With the brown paint, have your child use their THUMB to make the turkey head and body, placing it on the bottom middle, under the turkey feathers.
Step 3 – make your next row of feathers

Step 4 + 5 – make your last row of feathers and the turkey body

  1. When the brown paint is dry, use the markers to add eyes, beak, snood, and turkey legs.
    • If you prefer, glue small googly eyes on the turkey head.
  2. Add text, “Happy Thanksgiving”, and something your child is thankful for. Remember to sign the child’s name and date!
  3. OPTIONAL: Trim the picture and use colored paper to make a frame.
Step 6 – draw the features on the turkey body

Steps 7 + 8 – add text + a frame (if you wish)

Definitely make sure to date your projects – these are wonderful decorations that you can save from year to year and enjoy every November!

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