Name Practice Turkeys

  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Toilet paper tube
    • Scissors
    • Black marker or pen
    • Brown marker, colored pencil or crayon

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Ideal Age Range:

1+ – adapt as needed for younger children. Children will need to be able to write their own name to benefit from the name writing practice, but younger kids can still make a turkey!

Mess Factor:

Low – Medium

Prep Time:

10 – 15 minutes. If your kids are little, plan to cut the feathers, beaks and wattles out yourself before you start. Older kids can do this on their own or with a template.

Two different ways to make your turkey!

I love these turkeys because they are so quick to make and are a great way for kids to practice counting the letters in their names and writing their names. You can also throw in color and pattern recognition if you want!

Make these now and put them up to decorate for the month of November. OR you can make these closer to Thanksgiving and they become a great place card or decoration for the kids’ table!

Active Instructions:

  1. Have your child cut out enough feathers to have one for each letter of their first name.
    • Younger children can count out the appropriate amount from feathers you pre-cut.
  2. Gather the points of the feathers together and fan them out so that there is enough room to see a letter at the top of each feather. Have your child write their name on the top of the feathers – one letter per feather (see below).
Step 1 – cut out feathers

Step 2 – arrange feathers + write name


  1. Have your child color the back side of the plate brown.
  2. Position the paper plate on the grouping of feathers (see next set of pictures) to gauge how much of the plate will cover the feathers. Put glue on the front edge of the paper plate and press down onto the feathers.
Step 3 – color the plate brown

Step 4 – put glue on edge of plate

  1. Once the edge of the plate is glued, turn the entire turkey over and glue down the tips of the feathers. Add a dot of glue at the base of each feather. If needed, glue some of the edges of feathers to each other to secure.
Step 4 – glue the edge of the plate down

Step 5 – secure the feathers on the back

  1. Cut a small orange triangle for a beak. Have your child place the bead using a small dot of glue.
    • If you have a younger child, show them these sample photos and then let them place the beak where they want to – don’t feel the need to correct it to make it “right.”
  2. Cut a red wattle and secure it with a small dot of glue, just under the beak. (Same directions on placement.)
  3. Take two google eyes and secure them with glue. (Again with place 🙂


  1. Add extra glue along the sides of the feathers to secure them to each other.
  2. Put glue on the back side of the toilet paper tube and then press down onto the center of the feather grouping. Make sure the bottom of the tube is about 1/8″ below the bottom of the feather tips.
Step 3 – secure the feathers together

Step 4 – add glue to the toilet paper tube

  1. After the feathers have dried for a few minutes, stand up the tube. Place the beak, wattle and google eyes to complete the face.
    • If you have a younger child, show them the sample photos here and then ask them to place the parts of the face where they think they should go – no need to move them to make it “perfect.”
Step 3 – secure the feathers together

Step 4 – add glue to the toilet paper tube

These are great little projects that are equally great for name writing practice and making a simple little Thanksgiving craft. A great way to start talking about giving thanks and the holiday with your kids!

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