Scrapbook Paper Pumpkins

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  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick
    • Marker
  • Things to buy: Schedule a reminder 1 week before you want to do this activity to buy supplies

Give this project your own twist with whatever paper you love!

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Ideal Age Range:

This project is great for preschool age and above.

Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

About 10 minutes – you may need to do more advance prep the younger your child is. For very young children without scissor skills, you can pre-cut scrapbook paper and the faces. (You can offer extra paper for cutting practice if you like.) Older kids can cut their own paper strips or pieces and potentially make their own faces (see note below).

Active Instructions:

  1. Use a black marker to draw the pumpkin shape onto the white or orange paper. (The supply photo above displays white paper, but if you use orange, then any surface area that your child does not cover with scrapbook paper will blend into the design).
    • You can use the template download at the end of this post or draw your own pumpkin shape. Keep in mind that real pumpkins are not perfect circles. An older child may be able to draw or trace the pumpkin shape. A younger child may use a smaller sized pumpkin shape. REMEMBER TO DRAW A STEM AT THE TOP.
  2. Turn the paper over, and trace over the lines of the pumpkin shape onto the back. You can tape the paper onto a window to help see the black marker lines through the paper.
    • When you are done you will have an identical pumpkin shape on both sides of your paper.
    • The traced pumpkin shape on both sides are KEY to cutting out the pumpkin after gluing on the scrapbook paper.
Step 1 – trace template (or print out)

Step 2 – copy template onto backside of same paper

  1. There are two ways to cut the scrapbook paper, depending on the style you prefer from the picture below. You or your child can cut the scrapbook paper into long strips that can be glued vertically or horizontally onto the pumpkin shape, or cut smaller random shaped pieces that will be glued, overlapping, onto the shape.
  2. Using the glue stick, cover the entire surface of the pumpkin shape. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT GLUING OVER THE LINES (see photo). This is why the same shape is traced onto the back side of the paper.
    • If your child does not cover all the spaces, it will all blend in and look like a pumpkin when the face is added. Art projects are about having fun and not worrying about being “perfect!”
Step 3 – cut long strips or small pieces – whatever you prefer

Step 4 – start gluing paper pieces on top of pumpkin

  1. When the pumpkin shape is covered with scrapbook paper, turn the paper over and cut out the pumpkin shape.
Paper will be outside of the pumpkin edge – that’s fine!
Turn the pumpkin over and cut along the edges
Final paper on pumpkins
  1. Use the black paper to cut out eyes, nose and mouth shapes. The orange or yellow paper can be used to make teeth, or add to the eye shapes.
    • Older children will enjoy making their own faces. Younger children can be given pre-cut shapes.
  2. Glue on the face pieces.
    • ALLOW YOUR CHILD TO PLACE THE FACE SHAPES WHEREVER THEY WANT. It may not look symmetrical, but it is THEIR pumpkin. You want it to look like your child made it. This is the charm of children’s artwork. If the eyes end up on one side and the nose is not in the middle, and the mouth is lopsided, all the better!
Step 6 – face shapes!

Step 7 – let your child place their face wherever they like!

Pumpkin Template

Download your pumpkin template here. Trace this onto one side of your construction paper

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