Paper Owls

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These are supplies for both styles of owl. Read the directions before buying supplies if you only want to make one version.

  • Things you probably have at home:
    • Scissors
    • Glue stick
    • Brush
    • Pencil or marker
  • Things to buy: Schedule a reminder 1 week before you want to do this activity to buy supplies
    • Construction paper (body) – white or black
    • Construction paper (features) – white, orange, purple, black
    • Paint – one bright color or black
    • Sequin shapes

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Ideal Age Range:

This project is great for all ages!

Mess Factor:

Low – Medium. Paint is always a little messy (if you are worried just use paper). Glue and sequins can also be a tad messy.

Prep Time:

5 minutes – just gather supplies! For younger children, you may want to prep the owl template before you begin.

We wanted to give a few variations so that you can make your owl projects as spooky or as sweet as you want! (Or make two!)

Active Instructions – Sweet Owl:

  1. Copy owl template on heavy paper or cardboard. Cut the owl shape out for tracing.
  2. Trace onto white painting paper, and then cut out the owl shape.
  3. Paint the owl with the bright color of your choice.
Step 2 – Trace the template onto white paper + cut out

Step 3 – Paint a bright color

  1. Cut the owl template into eye templates (3 different size circles for each eye). The large circle is white or yellow, the medium circle is the color of your choice, and the small circle is for the black pupils. Use orange for the feet and the beak.
  2. Trace and cut out all the shapes.
  3. When the painted owl body is dry, glue on the eyes, beak, and feet.
    • HELPFUL HINT- Show your child the owl sample and point out where the eyes and beak and feet are placed. They may need help gluing the eye circles in order, but allow your child to glue the pieces on without concern of keeping them perfectly even or symmetrical. The eyes may not be straight, the beak and feet may end up lopsided, BUT THIS IS THE CHARM OF CHILDREN’S ARTWORK! Do not “fix it” for them!
Step 5 – cut the body parts out

Step 6 – place the body parts
  1. Apply sequins with glue on the owl’s belly.
Step 7 – add some sequins

Active Instructions – Spooky Owl:

  1. Use the same template to make the owl body. You can use black paper or let your child use black paint, (because painting is always fun!).
  2. Use the eye templates – This owl has only two parts to its eye – the LARGE circle is orange, the MEDIUM circle is black.
  3. After gluing the circles together, cut diagonally to create the “scary” eye shape.
Spooky Eyes template
  1. Glue the eyes diagonally onto the owl face.
  2. Add the beak and feet (the feet can be cut with pointed ends to look like “scary” claws).
Finished Spooky Owl

Owl Template

Download your template here. Trace this onto heavy cardstock or cardboard and use it to cut out your construction paper.

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