Spider Web Target

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What you need:

  • Things you probably have around the house
    • Packing tape
    • Scissors
  • Things to buyschedule a reminder 1 week before you want to do this activity

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Ideal Age Range:

This is great for any age that can throw!

Mess Factor:

Low. Aside from cleaning up whatever you throw, no mess!

Prep Time:

5 – 10 minutes to create your web, depending on how big you want to make it.

Let’s play!

How to Prep:

1 week before you want to do this, set yourself a calendar or task reminder to purchase any supplies you don’t have from the list above.

You can create this web in any place that makes sense. It is so versatile! In my pictures, you will see that I made the web in the doorway to our hall – I made it high enough that the kids can still walk through the hall (though Dad and I have to duck).

You can create a web using tape in a doorway, using a hula hoop that you hang, on a bunk bed, or even create it on a piece of cardboard and place it on a table top. Whatever works for your kids and your house is fine!

I create this while they ate lunch and then it was open play!

  1. Create an “X” shape with your tape, with the sticky side facing the direction that you want you kids to be throwing.
    • I used clear packing tape because that is what I had. You can also use white tape.
  2. Keep applying lines of tape to create a web shape.
    • If you are using only a portion of a space (like my doorway), you may need to run a straight piece of tape along the bottom edge to connect other pieces to (see pictures below).
    • For younger children, make sure to use more strands so that the gaps between the web are smaller.
  3. (Optional) If you have a spider decoration handy, you can place the spider on the web.

Add a bucket of pompoms or cotton balls (or any other small projectile that will stick) and that is it! You are ready for play time.

Once we got started throwing our pompoms, I realized that I had made this a little tall for my 1 year old. So I used our toddler stool and created a smaller tape web in that. I placed it under the higher web and both of my kids were able to play at the same time. (You can make a web anywhere!)

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