Icy Monster Eyes

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SO easy to make! I used several sizes of google eyes (not pictures here)

What you need:

  • Things you probably have around the house
    • Bowl or Pyrex measuring pitcher
    • Water
    • Ice cube tray
  • Things to buyschedule a reminder 1 week before you want to do this activity

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Ideal Age Range:

Ideal age is 1 – 4. (Be careful once ice melts with small kids that may put google eyes in their mouth!)

Mess Factor:

Low – medium. There may be some food color transfer on fingers. As ice melts, if you are playing inside it could stain items around you.

Prep Time:

Less than 5 minutes per color + freezing time. If you want to use more than 1 color (which I highly suggest), start making these 2-3 days ahead of time.

Let’s play!

How to Prep:

1 week before you want to do this, set yourself a calendar or task reminder to purchase any supplies you don’t have from the list above.

If you want to use more than 1 color (which I highly suggest), start making these 2-3 days ahead of time so you can freeze them in batches by color. Make one color and then transfer them to a plastic freezer bag and make another color.

You can also make these WAY ahead of time and store them to pull out for a last minute need!

  1. Use your ice cube tray to gauge how much water you need. Fill up the tray and then dump that into your bowl or Pyrex measuring pitcher.
    • For my second color I switched to a Pyrex liquid measuring cup. Since it has the pour spout it was much easier to control in Step #3 when I added to the ice cube tray.
  2. Use 2 – 3 drops of your desired color and stir. Add more as desired.
    • I ended up needing to mix regular + gel coloring for the red (too many projects!). I highly recommend using traditional liquid food coloring for this. The gel coloring stained our hands a bit more.
Step 1 – measure out water
Step 2 – add drops of food coloring
  1. Pour the water into your ice cube tray. Filling as much or as little as you like. (I suggest making large ice cubes, they melt quickly.)
  2. Add your google eyes! You can mix up sizes + colors as much as you want. These are supposed to be monsters, so no rules apply! I did single, double and triple eyes.
    • The picture below shows only one size of google eyes. For my second color I used larger eyes.
    • You will want to make sure that the eyes are facing right side up before you put them in the freezer. They tend to float to the top, so if they aren’t facing up they will likely just look like a white circle.
    • You can also get creative here and add just about any trinkets you want (as always, be careful with choking hazards and always monitor your kids!)
Step 3 – pour into your ice cube tray
Step 4 – add your google eyes
  1. Repeat for each color you want to incorporate. I recommend using at least two colors.
  2. (Optional) When cubes are ready, you can transfer to a plastic bag and store in the freezer for as long as you need! (This is a GREAT opportunity to prep in advance and save these for a rainy day or a lag in your schedule.)
Step 6 – repeated steps with green water
Step 7 – store in a bag once they are frozen
Ready for play!

Once your ice cubes are frozen, you are ready to play! I used a plastic Ikea bin for this activity since the white color let the ice colors really pop. I provided tweezers + scoops and a few little bowls and my son had a blast!

Once these really started melting he explored taking the eyes out. He also squirted some water into the bowl to watch them melt a bit faster.

Eventually, since it was 95 degrees outside and our baby pool is in the yard (yay global warming!), these ice cubes ended up in the pool. We got to watch them swirl around with the stream of the hose, we talked about what made them melt faster or slower, and eventually all that was left was a monster soup of google eyes in my pool (which was fun for both boys).

This is a very easy sensory activity with a nice Halloween twist. Definitely try this out in October!

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