At-Home Preschool Schedule

At-Home Preschool Schedule Graphic

We all need help this school year!

I have been getting a lot of questions about at-home preschool schedules (or just a schedule for your toddler’s day). I wanted to share a few versions that I have been using in the past few months. They have really helped me plan out my week in advance, and they help keep the crazy at bay (mostly).

There are images of two different schedules below because since the school year has started, my 1 year old has started moving away from morning naps (yay…).

At the end of the post there is a printable schedule that you can use to help organize your day!

Schedule 1

At-Home Preschool Schedule 1
At-Home Preschool Schedule 1

Schedule 2

At-Home Preschool Schedule 2

What to do with these schedules? You can use the printable below. Sit down with it and fill in the set things first (breakfast time, nap time, lunch time, dinner time, etc.) Next go through and add in ample time for play – outdoor play, free play inside, learning activities, sensory play. I also included some time for reading and some time for TV (because I have to be able to make dinner!)

After you have the basic schedule down for each day, you can use this to help you plan. Make a list of the types of activities you want to include each day and then number them 1 – 5 (or whatever quantity is appropriate). On the weekend, make sure that you pre-plan what activities you want to include (you can do this in as little as 15 minutes). Use toys from around the house, ideas from our site, or check out our Pinterest for ideas.

Using this list, you can gather everything you need the night before. Put it in one place so you can easily grab things during the day. (I swear it helps!) This will avoid a little bit of the frustration and mom rage that comes with constantly trying to figure out what comes next.

An important thing to remember: there is NO way you are going to stick to this schedule all day every day. But structure is good. It helps your toddler understand what to expect next, which provides a comforting structure for them. It also helps you plan in advance, which keeps you from feeling like a crazy person.

Printable Schedule

Download this schedule and fill in the times. You can write directly on the paper, print out multiples for each day, or you can laminate it and use erasable pen to change things up.

We are all here to support each other! Let us know if you have questions about your at-home preschool schedule

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