I Swear You Can Make Your Own Paint! Here Are 5 Simple Recipes

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Ideal Age Range:

This is great for all ages, but the edible paint recipes will be particularly helpful for the younger kids that still put everything right in their mouths! (Always check ingredients for any allergies.)

Mess Factor:

Messy. You may be able to make this paint neatly, but once you give it to the kids all bets are off (which is part of the fun!).

Prep Time:

About 10 – 20 minutes depending on what recipe you pick. Some you need to use right away and others can be used in about a day. (Most of these paints aren’t made to keep.)

Every time I reach for the brushes and paint, I’m always a little worried about my 1 year old. I know this is non-toxic, but what if he takes a really big scoop right into his mouth… That is why I love some of the recipes that I’m featuring below – almost all of them are edible ingredients that you have right in your house!

I swear – making your own paint is easier than you think. Just take a look:

  1. The recipe from Tales of a Messy Mom is really interesting because it uses yogurt. Perfect for really little kids.
  1. There are two options for different texture finger paints from Create.Play.Travel. Exploring both textures if great for younger kids, and including older kids in the process of making these paints helps make it like a science experiment.
Fun and colorful DIY homemade fingerpaint
  1. I am always running out of water colors, so I was really excited to find this recipe with quick and easy ingredients from the pantry from Growing a Jeweled Rose.
Make your own watercolors paints using this easy recipe for kids! #paintrecipe #paintrecipeforkids #homemadepaint #homemadepaintkids #homemadepaintrecipe
  1. This really easy recipe from Mommy Musings caught my eye because it uses sweetened condensed milk. It must be SO fun for little kids to play with something so sticky!
homemade finger paint
  1. The last pick is not edible (I repeat NOT edible), but was a lot of fun for my boys to play with outside. This flour, shaving cream, and food coloring come together to make a sidewalk chalk paint that is great for outdoor play. You can use paint brushes, but I think the squirt bottles we used made it extra special.

What is your favorite paint recipe (or is the thought of making paint exhausting)? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to pin this project, please use the image below.

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