Create a Quiet Time Activity Using Colorful Pony Beads

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You can use any string that you have in the house.

What you need:

  • Things you probably already have around the house
    • Piece of cardboard – apprx. 5″ H x 12″ L
    • Packing tape (or similar)
  • Things to buyschedule a reminder 1 week before you want to do this activity

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Ideal Age Range:

Ages 1 – 2. (Older kids can help you sort the beads by color.)

Mess Factor:


Prep Time:

About 15 minutes.

How to Prep:

1 week before you want to do this, set yourself a calendar or task reminder to purchase any supplies you don’t have from the list above.

  1. Cut 7 slits into the edge of the cardboard, about 1/2″ deep. Repeat on the other side, making sure each cut is directly across from each other.
  2. Cut a 10″ piece of plastic cord (or string). Tuck one end through the first bottom slit, leaving about 2″ of extra string on the back side.
  3. Place 5 pony beads (all the same color) onto the string. Tuck the remaining string through the top slit.
  4. Tie both ends into a tight double or triple knot in the center of the back side (see photo below).
  5. Repeat to create 7 different color groupings.
  6. Place several large strips of packing tape on the back side to hold the knots in place (for added security).
The back view

Active Instructions:

You can encourage recognition of colors or counting to 5 with this activity. It is also fun for toddlers to explore manipulating the beads while sitting in a quiet space.

Be careful:

Even though you have secured the bead strings, very strong toddlers can pull these off if they really try. Make sure to monitor this quiet play at all times.

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