Shake Up the Play-Doh Station – Just Add Legos!

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What you need:

  • Things you probably have around the house
    • Play-Doh or similar product
    • Legos – read below for some detail on what kinds
    • (Optional) Other Play-Doh tools that you have on hand

Ideal Age Range:

Ideal age is 1 – 2.

Mess Factor:

Low. Just watch for small pieces of Play-Doh getting into carpet.

Prep Time:

Only the time it takes to gather these items!

Help roll the Play-Doh out flat to get started.

Also put out any other tools you usually have on hand for Play-Doh.

Active Instructions:

You probably have a standard set of Play-Doh activities that you use in your house. Adding in a few new items to the mix will help spark interest for your toddler. For older children you can also use this as an opportunity to count, using progressively larger blocks.

To get started:

Roll out one container of Play-Doh. Put out a selection of Lego blocks for your child to use with the Play-Doh (you may need to show them how to make an imprint once or twice).

There are no rules here except to let them explore the dough – what it feels like and how they can manipulate it. Put out some other Play-Doh tools, and let your child play. Add in other colors or tools when needed.

Suggestions for choosing Lego blocks:

Use your child’s age as a guide. For my 1 year old, larger Duplo blocks are perfect (shown in the photos above). You could also easily add in some of the larger Lego base plate blocks (usually 5″ x 5″ or larger). If you have an older child you probably have buckets to choose from.

Try to stick to larger pieces based on your child’s current development stage (and mouthiness). If you have a slightly older child, more interesting shapes and sizes will be fun to add in. You can look at how different pieces produce different patterns on the clay.

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